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Our Journals are developed with the aim to assist researchers in their growth at all levels -professors, scientists, post-docs, research scholars and students who are in search of publishing opportunities for their scientific work. Juniper publishers are dedicated to the publication of scientific and technical information related to the field of science, technology and medicine with high-quality articles. Each journal is run by an independent experienced editorial board and focuses on peer review, rapid publication and universal access to research.

All published articles are freely and permanently available online for everyone throughout the world, increasing the visibility, usage and impact of your work.

Juniper Publishers Open Access Journal of Surgery

Open Access Journal of Surgery

ISSN: 2476-1346


Juniper Publishers JOJ Dermatology & Cosmetics

JOJ Dermatology & Cosmetics

ISSN: 2689-4610


Juniper Publishers JOJ Wildlife & Biodiversity

JOJ Wildlife & Biodiversity

ISSN: 2688-3856