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Palliative Medicine and Care International Journal considers articles in the related fields of hospice psychiatric, psychosocial, spiritual, existential, moral, and philosophical parts of palliative medicine which are scientifically stable and clinically significant. The Journal also presents basic data for experts in hospice/palliative medicine, concentrating on enhancing personal satisfaction for patients and their families, and the most recent improvements in drug and non-drug treatments. Journal additionally incorporates the most recent medicinal advances in torment and manifestation administration, show palliative care programs, clinical case reports, psychological and spiritual aspects of end-of-life care. Articles identified with multidisciplinary care, end of life issues, pain and symptom administration psychosocial perspectives, nature of care, and so forth are fitting for the Journal. As dependably emphasis is on data specifically appropriate to the care of the patient/family at the bedside.

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Review Article July 24, 2020

Convalescent Plasma Transfusion: A Life Saving Therapy for Covid-19 Patients

Shmmon Ahmad*, Shivani Thakur, Abdul Hafeez, Satish Kumar Sharma, Samera Ali Siddique and Isha Talwar

DOI: 10.19080/PMCIJ.2020.03.555619


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