E-Pub Desk

Juniper Publishers

Scholarly publications are one of the least enlightened organizations of this century. In this series Juniper is privileged to launch E-pub for all the articles published with us. As e-pub is an e-book file format that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. EPUB is an open format, as it means that everyone can access it. As there are no limitations upon holding it and making them specially tailored to certain devices. Hence there are no restrictions with any publishing group, so you can publish your articles with all the liberty in Juniper.

  • EPUB the likes of which exhibits superior compatibility than any other format. As it can be compatible with any operating system.
  • Another advantage is that it comes in a single folder in which a complete data is established.
  • Juniper itself has unique software for epubs, with which the content of the article and copyright are secured.

So the efforts you put into making your publication look great, won’t go waste, as it will be displayed as intended with our e-pubs. Scholars will keep reverting for more and more research works that are published in juniper. We are now having a good number of e-pubs in our journal.