Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an “Open Access Policy”?

  • Open access policies are part of rapidly growing researches in academia to enhance and encourage the new modes and techniques of scholarly publication by providing worldwide free access. Members of universities, schools and departments are establishing open access policies to make their research and scholarship more accessible to scholars, educators, policymakers, students and citizens worldwide.

  • What are the benefits of the Open access policy?

    1. Everyone who is visiting our juniper website can go through the content and can see our published work.
    2. The Juniper publishers provide a base for researchers, scholars and professionals to preserve their informative and effective work in its online repository, Academic Commons, and to provide access to that work to anyone who seeks for it.
    3. Juniper publishers are a globally accessible repository that facilitates the free exchange of scholarly information worldwide. Scholars all over the globe are welcome to get the benefits of our open access policy of all the research, review, case studies, Opinions, short communications etc. publications of our Journals. To aid in discoverability, materials in the repository are assigned accurate metadata and optimized for discovery via search engines.
  • Where can we submit our Articles that are to be published?

  • We welcome all the interested authors to submit their informative articles by filling the below Manuscript Submission Form through online link or by visiting the respected journal page you can get the email ID’s of the concerned Department. Or authors can even directly submit to info@juniperpublishers.com

  • How much time a manuscript may take to publish?

  • The peer review process plays a vital role for publication in open access journals. In our publishers, all submitted manuscripts are swiftly and fully peer reviewed by our Journal Academic Editors. The review process is double blind and the Editor checks that the manuscript has been prepared according to the necessary protocols. Papers that do not comply with the standard criteria may be rejected. Hence, as it totally depends on the author and reviewer responses, we cannot predict the exact time, but we will try to publish it as feasible as possible.

  • I am already an editorial board member of a Journal can I apply for several journals at a time?

  • Yes, you can. Professionals/Experts in the specific departments can apply to the respected topic journals at a time through our online registration process.

  • Which types of articles do you accept to publish?

  • We gracefully accept all kinds of work to get published in our Journals which include Research article, Review article, Short Communication, Case Report, Mini-Review, Commentary, Opinion, Proceedings, Letters, Special Issues, E-books, Video formats etc.

  • Can we get the printed version of our Published work?

  • Yes, we do but only on the special interest of the authors, so we call it as “Print on Demand”. Only on request of authors we print the concerned published material of our Journals and we will send it to you. For more details: Click here

    If you left with any query that is not clarified here, Do contact to our mail ID : info@juniperpublishers.com