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ARTOAJ is a dynamic journal for publishing research reports, short communications, Critical Reviews in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, Agronomy, Forestry, Animal Science, Food Technology, Soil Science, Home Economics, Agricultural Extension, Rural development, Environmental Biology and Agricultural Engineering. The goal of the journal is to publish articles on new and emerging fields and concepts for providing future directions to promote agricultural research globally. It is a unique journal covering all the disciplines of crop sciences, animal sciences, fishery sciences, forestry sciences and natural resources management sciences, to stimulate interest in inter-disciplinary research. The journal will catalyze policy development on issues impacting rational agricultural growth and development globally.

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Latest Articles

Mini Review March 25, 2024

Phytoeffectors: A Non-transgenic Strategy to Improve Drought Tolerance of Crop Plants

Tatiana Bilova, Maria Cherevatskaya, and Andrej Frolov*

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556407

Research Article March 01, 2024

Interconnectedness between Green Economy, Eco-tourism, Landscape Protection and Local Economic Development: A Case study of the Rapti Peace Park, Nepal

Ghanshyam Pandey*, Chiranjeewee Khadka, Arbin Poudel, Shreejana Sharma and Eva Cudlínová

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556404


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Prof. Dr. Maia Akhalkatsi

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