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Agricultural Research & Technology: Open Access Journal (ARTOAJ)

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ARTOAJ is a dynamic journal for publishing research reports, short communications, Critical Reviews in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, Agronomy, Forestry, Animal Science, Food Technology, Soil Science, Home Economics, Agricultural Extension, Rural development, Environmental Biology and Agricultural Engineering. The goal of the journal is to publish articles on new and emerging fields and concepts for providing future directions to promote agricultural research globally. It is a unique journal covering all the disciplines of crop sciences, animal sciences, fishery sciences, forestry sciences and natural resources management sciences, to stimulate interest in inter-disciplinary research. The journal will catalyze policy development on issues impacting rational agricultural growth and development globally.

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Latest Articles

Research Article June 15, 2018
Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Cherry Fruit (Prunus Cerasus L.) in Order to Achieve Optimum Height of Fruit Storage Box
Sina Sharifi-Sangdeh* and Mohammad Hossein Aghkhani

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555996

Research Article June 06, 2018
Influence of Moisture and Current Frequency on Electrical Potential of Sorghum Grains (Sorghum Bicolour (L.) Moench)
Audu J*, Ijabo O J, Awulu JO

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555995

Commentary June 06, 2018
The Short Comment on the Journal “Artoaj”, vol. 15, II Edition
Demur Chomakhidze*

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555994

News June 06, 2018
Onion Set Bulb Position during Planting with Vibration-Pneumatic Planting Device
Aksenov AG*, Emelyanov PA, Sibirev AV, Kozlova AI

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555993

Research Article May 31, 2018
Evaluation and Demonstration of Different Post- Emergence Herbicides for Controlling Wild Oat ( Avena fatua L .) and Other Grass Weeds in Wheat ( Triticum Spp ) at Bore
Obsa Chimdesa*, Yared Tesfaye, Kebna Asefa and Girma Teshome

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555992

Research Article May 30, 2018
Evaluating Responses of Sugar Beet Cultivars to Fusarium Species in Greenhouse and Field Conditions
Burlakoti P, Mohamed FR Khan*, Rivera V, Secor GA and Qi A

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555991

Research Article May 25, 2018
Assessment of Donkey Utilization Practices and Challenges in Hossana City of Ethiopia
Haftu Kebede Sebho* and Adane Haile K

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555990

Mini Review May 24, 2018
Light Effects on Photosynthetic Capacity and Growth of Papaya ( Carica papaya L. ): A Short Review
Jefferson R Silva, Weverton P Rodrigues, Katherine Fraga Ruas, Jessica Sousa Paixão, Roberta Samara Nunes de Lima, José Altino Machado Filho, Juan Alberto Cabrera Garcia, Bruce Schaffer, Julian Cuevas Gonzalez and Eliemar Campostrini *

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.16.555989

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