Volume 28 Issue 1

Research Article Published In: December, 2023
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Triticale Growth Under Rainfed and Supplemental Irrigation Systems
Mudhafar Abu-Altemen and Mustapha Haidar*

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2023.28.556394

Opinion Published In: January, 2024
Double Wave Model & Digital Twins: Technological Strategies against Water Stress in Woody Crops at Meseta Central of the Iberian Peninsula
Luis Carlos Moro González*

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556395

Case Report Published In: January, 2024
Toxoplasma gondii and Its Relationship with Food
Amarildo Kulla, Ermira Muco*, Arta Karruli and Anxhela Nikolla

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556396

Opinion Published In: January, 2024
Plant-Microbiota Interactions Under Drought and Salinity Stresses: A Mini Review
Noyan Eken, Erdogan Esref Hakki*

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556397

Opinion Published In: January, 2024
Length and Shift of Growing Season as Affected by Climate Change: Promises of Artificial Intelligence
Noyan EKEN and Erdogan Esref Hakki*

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556398

Research Article Published In: January, 2024
Machine Learning based Sorting of Somatic Embryos for In-Line processing in Automated SE Fluidics System
Punnag Chatterjee, Aruna Weerasekara, Ulrika Egertsdotter and Cyrus Aidun

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556399

Research Article Published In: January, 2024
RNA Sequencing Ixeris dentata var. albiflora
Sang-Hoon Lee and Yeon Bok Kim*

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556400

Opinion Published In: February, 2024
The Sustainability of Agriculture in Ireland
Corona Ramirez Armando* and Gilmer Alan

DOI: 10.19081/ARTOAJ.2024.28.556401


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