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"To advance the creation, communication and application of scientific knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives. The prime mission of juniper publishers is to make continuous efforts in transforming the scientific information from researchers around the world, into easily accessible data by publishing on our website. Our vision is to build an open science platform where everybody has an equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge, empowering researchers and scholars in their daily work."

Latest Articles

Research Article

   Open Access
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Freeze-Dried Cattle Meat Improves the Measurement of Total Cholesterol

Fábio Borba Ferrari, Rodrigo Fortunato De Oliveira*, Rodrigo Alves De Souza, Juliana Lolli Malagoli De Mello, Maisa Santos Fávero, Mateus Roberto Pereira, Aline Giampietro-Ganeco, Hirasilva Borba, Pedro Alves De Souza
Agricultural Research & Technology: Open Access Journal


Review Article

   Open Access
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Paramedic Student Progress in Medication Calculation

Daifallah Alrazeeni*, Mohammed Sami Al Sufi, Abdulssalam Parakkal, Abeer A Alenazi, Rawan M Aldhrgham and Mohammed F Algabgab
Open Access Journal of Surgery


Mini Review

   Open Access
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Effect of the Extract of Balloon Pepper (Capsicum Baccatum var. Pendulum) on Lipid Peroxidation and Microbiology of Pork Sausage

Natália De Oliveira Cabral, Rodrigo Fortunato De Oliveira*, Fabio Da Costa Henry, Daniela Barros De Oliveira, Alexandre Cristiano Dos Santos, Jonhny De Azevedo Maia and Meire Lelis Leal Martins
Agricultural Research & Technology: Open Access Journal



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