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Juniper Publishers Vision

"To advance the creation, communication and application of scientific knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives. The prime mission of juniper publishers is to make continuous efforts in transforming the scientific information from researchers around the world, into easily accessible data by publishing on our website. Our vision is to build an open science platform where everybody has an equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge, empowering researchers and scholars in their daily work."

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Research Article

February 27, 2020   Open Access
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Teachers’ Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities

Vítor Ferreira*, Nuno Januário, Rita Magalhães, Daniel Ferreira, Ana Romão, Diogo Rosa and João Fonseca
Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal


Research Article

February 26, 2020   Open Access

Mini Review

February 25, 2020   Open Access

Review Article

February 21, 2020   Open Access

Case Report

February 21, 2020   Open Access


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