Testimonials Juniper Publishers

Giuseppe Gullace University of Florence, Italy

I am very proud to be the editor in chief of the Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Therapy, a high quality level of online journal, appealing as graphic format and interesting, useful and important in the contents. Before this I had the fortune to submit some articles and I have been impressed by the short time of review and the seriousness of the process and publication. I usual invite my friends and colleagues to send their contributions for publication. I am sure that this is the right way to interact with a great number of people and exchange experiences and opinions. I wish to thank all the editorial team for the help and privilege given to me.

Laurence Thomas Maxwell School Syracuse University

Global Journal of Archaeology & Anthropology is an ever so majestic journal. And I am so very, very, very pleased to have been given the opportunity to write my articles for the journal. Indeed, my gratitude is entirely without end: Thank You ! ! !

Mohammed Nizar Battikhi Battikhi Central Laboratories, Jordan

I am most fortunes to be part of Juniper Online Journal Case Studies where high eminent researchers me and support and e polite their work. The Journal itself showed high standard and quality articles.

Kelly L Colwell Youngstown State University, USA

I enjoy reading the International Journal of Pulmonary and Respiratory Science as it brings together a collaborative of pulmonary disciplines to discuss new trends, research outcomes and new treatments that are helpful within clinical and educational perspectives, The Journal is well written and includes a worldwide, multidisciplinary approach to pulmonary complications and research being performed.

Kobkan Thongprasom Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Our work was published for the Journal Advances in Dentistry & Oral Health in 2017 with the topic of "Challenge management of Oral Lichenoid Drug Reaction". The publication process of our manuscript was good and the printing was very clear and perfect.
We would like to thank your team.

John E Nathan American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, USA

There are a plethora of online journals to consider when one authors submit a manuscript, Advances in Dentistry and Oral Health should be given high priority due to their level of professionalism, high regard for the pursuit of excellence, quality and timely review of papers. It has been a privilege to serve on its editorial board.

Olga V Akopova Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, Ukraine

I was really impressed by the quality publication process and high visibility of my article published in OAJT.

William James Cobb University of Oxford, UK

As a researcher and scientist, it is important to be able to share ideas and thoughts with other professionals across the world. The Open Access Journal of Surgery (OAJS) has allowed me to share some of my contributions to the medical sciences community. This has been so important for me a researcher and indeed i hope that this may also have or will benefit others in some way or other. I was very honored to have been invited as a board member of the OAJS and have relished this post over the last two years. The OAJS is a credit to the research and science community and I hope it will continue on with its goal of sharing top quality work across the world.

Gamal Agmy Assiut University, Egypt

The Journal of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine (JAICM) is an excellent one dealing with the significant problems in anesthesia and intensive care unit. All manuscripts published fall under the scope of the Journal. The experimental and/or theoretical works are described expansively. In all published materials, the discussion and conclusions are justified by the results of the study and references, language, grammar are acceptable.