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International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources is online, peer reviewed journal devoted to publish original research, review papers, short communications and opinions on all aspects of environmental sciences. The extent of environmental sciences is really huge through all over the world and thus, this journal covers all sorts of details in this field. The articles published in this journal aims in creating public awareness about issues related to protection and sustainability of environment and natural resources such as atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, flora, and fauna and thus enhancing the perception towards the current technologies on various fields. IJESNR is one of the best budding environmental journal which covers the environmental study widely and read by International community of researchers and students across the world.

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Latest Articles

Short Communication October 25, 2023

Relevance of the Stereoselective Behavior of Chiral Herbicides in the Environment

A Cervantes-Díaz , C López-Goti, J L Alonso-Prados and P Sandín-España*

DOI: 10.19080/IJESNR.2023.32.556350

Research Article October 05, 2023

Traffic Density and Measurement of Traffic-Induced Air Pollution in Apapa Seaport’s Environment

Ruth Ada Okpara, Okechukwu Julius Anyanwu*, Anyanwu Amarachukwu Abigail, Okorefe Charles Odeyovwi and Chijioke Chioma Maryjane

DOI: 10.19080/IJESNR.2023.32.556349

Research Article September 20, 2023

Environmental Effect of Oil Spillage and Cleanup on the Marine Environment in Selected Niger Delta Communities

Oyintare Brisibe, Okechukwu Julius Anyanwu*, Charles Odeyovwi Okorefe, John U Eru and Vianana Bolouowe Michael

DOI: 10.19080/IJESNR.2023.32.556347

Research Article September 07, 2023

HDPE Geomembranes Exhumed from Environmental Facilities Evaluated by Mass Spectrometry

Leonardo Antonio Valentin*, Fernando Luiz Lavoie, Clever Aparecido Valentin, Marcelo Kobelnik, Maria de Lurdes Lopes and Jefferson Lins da Silva*

DOI: 10.19080/IJESNR.2023.32.556345


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