Case Report Published In: October, 2018
The Nursing Strategies of Hip Joint Arthroplasty for Dialysis-Dependent Patients
Hongxia Zhu1, Lunli Xie2, Hui Yang2, Jie Zhang2, Yuyan Xie1, Lizhen Liu1, Jichun Yang1 and Dan Pu2*
Case Study Published In: November, 2018
Concept of Palliative Care in Intensive Care Units
Jelena Hodak*
Mini Review Published In: November, 2018
Hypervitaminemia B12: A Biological Marker yet to be Known
Zulfiqar Abrar-Ahmad1* and Andres Emmanuel2
Mini Review Published In: November, 2018
Biological Markers use in the Diagnosis of Mental Disorders at Work
Sérgio Valverde Marques dos Santos1 and Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz Robazzi2
Case Report Published In: November, 2018
Hospice Care of a Child Leukemia Acute Lymphoid: Case Report
Diego Silveira Siqueira1*, Aline Silveira Siqueira2, Alberto Mauricio Barbosa Moura3 and Geovana Fraga Demingos4