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Journal of yoga and physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary, international peer reviewed journal and is dedicated to promote spread the information in yoga and physiotherapy. Yoga is the practice of attaining physical and mental health through meditation and physical exercise. JYP is committed to publish research in physiotherapy and spiritual practice originated in globe. JYP aims to publish original and clinically relevant research in topics related to Physiotherapy and other related fields in the health care community thus encourages international readership. We aimed to provide an international assembly for encouraging noble discussions and thus contributing for best treatment aids for the yoga and physiotherapy to the needy and also benefiting readers and authors by accelerating the dissemination of research information providing maximum access to advanced current academic and clinical information through Evidence based practice. The purpose of the journal is to bring latest research about the field of physiotherapy & occupational therapy. It aims at rapid publication of high quality research, reviews and short communications and provides free access of the articles for the students, academicians, clinicians for future research.

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Latest Articles

Research Article October 29, 2021

Effect Of 4-Week Yoga Intervention on Selective Physical and Body Composition Variables in Indian Male Track and Field Athletes

Subhra Chatterjee*, Subhojit Chatterjee, Shubham Tiwari and Manpreet Bains

DOI: 10.19080/JYP.2021.09.555755

Research Article September 07, 2021

Reframing Addiction Through Community Engaged Yoga

Jennifer Morley* and Miriam Giguere

DOI: 10.19080/JYP.2021.09.555754

Research Article September 07, 2021

Assessment of the Level of Somatic Indexes, Aerobic Capacity, and Physical Activity of Young Women

Krzysztof Krawczyk*, Tomasz Bielecki, Bartosz Kędracki and Anna Bielecka

DOI: 10.19080/JYP.2021.09.555753

Review Article July 30, 2021

Quality of Life of Oncological Patients in Palliative Care Submitted to Physiotherapeutic Treatment: A Systematic Review

Amanda dos Santos Fontes, Mariana Aparecida de Oliveira, Nathalia de Souza Abreu-Freire*, Thiago Casali Rocha and Liliana Fajardo de Oliveira

DOI: 10.19080/JYP.2021.09.555752

Opinion April 22, 2021

Mindful Ambassador Program: An Acceptable and Feasible Universal Intervention for College Students

Gulden Esat, Syed Rizvi, Caroline Mousa, Kimberly D. Smoots, Ester Shaw, Chase R. Phillip, Meliza Vasquez, Arifa Habib, Elizabeth Vu and Bradley H Smith*

DOI: 10.19080/JYP.2021.08.555748

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