Volume 17 Issue 1

Research Article Published In: July, 2018
Evaluation of Different Lilium Hybrids under Climatic Conditions of Kashmir Valley
Nasir Hamid Masoodi* and Sofi M Nayeem

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.17.556008

Opinion Published In: July, 2018
Sustainable Revolutions in Agriculture, A Comment on Schwenke and Kyndt Article
Enrique A Martínez*

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.17.556009

Short Communication Published In: July, 2018
Integrated Farming System and Human Resource Planning and Management for Livelihood Security and Capacity Building of Tribal farming Community in District Dehradun, India
Singh HN*, Raghav M, Singh B, Kuswaha KPS, Singh YV, Singh J, Ruhela A and Pal VK

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.17.556010

Research Article Published In: July, 2018
Phytochemical Analysis of Indian and Ethiopian Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella Sativa)
RCN Thilakarathna*, GDMP Madhusankha and SB Navaratne

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.17.556011

Mini-Review Published In: July, 2018
Lean and Green Indicators: An Application in the Coffee Sector
Liane Mahlmann Kipper*, Lucas Vinicius Reis, Nícholas Hoffmann, Ana Julia Dal Forno and Fáber D Giraldo

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.17.556012

Research Article Published In: July, 2018
Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Seed Quality of Different Varieties of Chilli (Capsicum Annum L.)
Amit Mishra* and Abhinav Dayal

DOI: 10.19080/ARTOAJ.2018.17.556014


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