Current Issue

Short Communication
Ultrasonication and Microwave Assisted Lipids Extraction Process (MALE) for Microalgal Biodiesel Production
Syed Hasnain Shah and Ifikhar A Raja*
Mini Review
Effects of Fermented Feed from Ground Source on Meat Quality of Finishing Pigs
Xianyong Ma*, Weidong Chen*, Dun Deng, Rong ting, Zhimei Tian, Yiyan Cui, Liu Zhichang, Li Zhenming and Gang Wang
Research Article
Pre Clinical In vitro Investigation of the Cytotoxic Effect of Ficus species of Phytochemicals on Hepatoma Hep G2 Cells using MTT and Neutral Red Toxicity Assays
Fokunang Charles1*, Tembe-Fokunang Estella1, Ngameni Bathelemy2, Salwa Barkwan3, Hoare Gary3, Ngadjui Bonaventure2 and Paul Tomkins3
Research Article
Prevalence of High-Risk Human papillomavirus Genotypes and Predictors factors for Cervical Cancer in Unimmunized Brazilian Women without Cytological Abnormalities
Dra. Rachel Siqueira de Queiroz Simões1*, Emmanuele Pariz Silva2 and Dra. Ortrud Monika Barth1
Mini Review
Agricultural Wastes-To-Green Energy in Egypt
Safenaz Shaaban and Mahmoud Nasr*