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Archives of Animal and Poultry Sciences focus on improving livestock and food production, and on the social and financial issues that impact essential makers. Subjects which are secured include: anatomy, embryology, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology, reproduction and genetics, behavior, microbiology, endocrinology, nutrition, environmental science, food science, feeding stuffs and housing welfare, breeding, incubating, poultry meat and egg yields and quality. Submission of original articles to the Journal is available to all animal and poultry researchers. The review articles are welcomed papers written by worldwide outstanding scientists. Each issue incorporates poultry industry and animal related news, regional reports on worldwide advancements in poultry, reports from specialist scientific working groups, book reviews, affiliation news and a calendar of forthcoming events. Archives of Animal and Poultry Sciences is significant to scholastics, scientists, students, expansion laborers and business poultry makers.

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Review Article March 09, 2020

Animal Disease Research Using Zebrafish Model

Bailone RL*, Fukushima HCS, Aguiar LK, Correa T, Setti P and Borra RC

Research Article February 26, 2020

Gross and Histological Studies of Muscles of Flight in Some Avian Species

Umar AA, Jibril M, Atabo SM*, Danmaigoro A and Ekeolu Ok

Research Article February 03, 2020

Estimation of Genetic Parameters and Expected Response to Selection for Oviposition and Clutch Traits

Bal Ganagdhar Roy*, Vishesh Kumar Saxena, Usha Roy and Mahendra Chandra Kataria

Research Article January 31, 2020

PCR-RFLP Study of Candidate Genes for Egg Production in Layer Chicken

Bal Ganagdhar Roy*, Vishesh Kumar Saxena, Usha Roy and Mahendra Chandra Kataria

Short Communication December 12, 2019

Detecting Weak Signals for the Future of Poultry Farms

Israel Griol Barres* and Jose Millet


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