Journal of Recent Advances in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Nanomedicines scope is extensive, spanning from the practical implementation of nanomaterials and biological devices in the medical arena to the potential implications of nanoelectronics biosensors and the promising avenues presented by molecular nanotechnology. JRANN recognizes itself as an optimal platform for disseminating research articles that contribute to these technological advancements. By facilitating the publication of such articles, the journal promotes evidence-based enhancements in both practical applications and further research endeavors. JRANN invites a wide array of article types to be submitted, thereby catering to various forms of scholarly contributions. These include original research articles, comprehensive review papers, concise short communications, insightful mini reviews, informative case reports, thought-provoking opinion pieces, direct letters to the editor, and engaging commentaries. This array of formats ensures that a broad spectrum of insights and findings can be shared with the scientific community, fostering dynamic discussions and interdisciplinary collaborations. In essence, the Journal of Recent Advances in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology serves as a pivotal conduit for researchers, practitioners, and scholars within the fields of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology. Its commitment to open access and rigorous peer review ensures that the latest breakthroughs and discoveries are made accessible to a global audience, catalyzing progress and innovation within this dynamic and rapidly evolving domain.

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