Volume 4 Issue 5

Research Article Published In: July, 2017
Enrichment Blood Culture Isolation of Bartonella henselae from Horses with Chronic Circulatory, Musculoskeletal and/or Neurologic Deficits
Brenda L Bishop1, Natalie A Cherry2, Barbara C Hegarty3 and Edward B Breitschwerdt3*

DOI: 10.19080/AIBM.2017.04.555646

Short Communication Published In: July, 2017
Wide Spread Phyto Hormonal Activity among Natural Yeasts
Streletskiy RA*, Kachalkin AV and Demin VV

DOI: 10.19080/AIBM.2017.04.555647

Review Article Published In: July, 2017
Employing Microbes and Enzymes for Lignocellulosic Biomass Conversion to Energy
Lakshmi Pathak and Kavita Shah*

DOI: 10.19080/AIBM.2017.04.555648

Review Article Published In: July, 2017
Caenorhabditis elegans and Oxidative Stress
Afranio Cogo Destefani*

DOI: 10.19080/AIBM.2017.04.555649


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