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A Trend in Technical & Scientific Research is a journal which covers all aspects of covering the science and business of biotechnology. It publishes new concepts in environmental, biological, biomedical and agricultural sciences, Metabolic Engineering, production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources, disciplinary underpinnings in biology, chemistry and engineering, biosensors and bioelectronics application & design, exploitation of biological materials, biofuels production from biomass, synergistic operations to improve plants and biological conversion for fuels production from lignocellulosic biomass, biomaterial structure and its applications, antibodies, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, or other biologically active molecules and its analogs, Bioconjugate Chemistry, molecular conjugates, Biocatalysis, enzymology, including enzyme reactors, protein engineering, and nanobiotechnology – Biothermodynamics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutics, Biomolecular Screening, automation/robotics, virtual screening, chemoinformatics, sample management, fermentation to genetic manipulation, microbial genomes, methods and equipment. Our journal welcomes all types of papers like Research, Review, Mini-Review, Opinion, Short Communication, Case Report, Proceedings, Editorials, Letter to Editors, Perspective etc.

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Research Article June 07, 2023

Ticks Infestation on Mongrels (Local Dogs) in Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Haa DD*, Pam VA, Uzoigwe NR, Ombugadu A, Maikenti JI, Adejoh VA, Aimankhu OP, Kure MS and Ameh SE

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2023.06.555691

Research Article May 17, 2023

Women involvement in Informal Cross border Trade in East African Community: Motivating Factors

Jack O Nyaliech, Sitienei K Shadrack* and Paul Abiero Opondo

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2023.06.555690

Review Article May 16, 2023

Eddy Current Analysis in the Capacitor Discharge Welding

Moataza A Hindi and Mohamed Abu-Aesh*

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2023.06.555689

Research Article April 25, 2023

Future Prospects, and Opportunities for the East African Community

Sally Jebet Kiprota and Shadrack Kipkoech Sitienei*

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2023.06.555686


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