Volume 2 Issue 2

Mini Review Published In: June, 2018
Learning Factory: is it a Panacea for all Difficulties in Engineering Education?
Sangarappillai Sivaloganathan* and Khalifa Harib

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2018.02.555581

Opinion Published In: June, 2018
Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
José A Buxadó*, Marta E Ferrer-Cutié, Náyade B Matos, Lieniset R Ferrer and Ernesto L Mola

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2018.02.555582

Mini-Review Published In: June, 2018
A Short Review on Bio-compatible/Bio-degradable Photopolymers for Stereolithography Bio-3D Printing
Yih-Lin Cheng, Freeman Chen, Aamer Nazir* and Jeng-Ywan Jeng

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2018.02.555583

Mini-Review Published In: June, 2018
Defense Mechanisms of Plants to Insect Pests: From Morphological to Biochemical Approach
Tibebu Belete*

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2018.02.555584

Mini Review Published In: June, 2018
Impact of Oxidative Metabolism on the Production of ATP
Pedro Octavio Barbanera*

DOI: 10.19080/TTSR.2018.02.555585


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