Volume 7 Issue 5

Case Report Published In: February, 2018
Concurrent Salter-Harris Type II Proximal Tibia Fractures Associated with Vitamin D Insufficiency
John T Ruth2*, José Arturo Pacheco Núñez1 and Joseph E Sheppard2

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2018.07.555721

Case Report Published In: February, 2018
A Bony Projection- Case Report
Reshma Suvarna*

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2018.07.555722

Mini-Review Published In: February, 2018
Channels and Transmitters Involved in Trigeminal Nociception
Van der Cruyssen Fréderic1*, Verhelst Pieter-Jan1 and Politis Constantinus1

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2018.07.555723

Research Article Published In: February, 2018
Volumetric Overload Shocks in the Patho-Aetiology of the Transurethral Resection Prostatectomy (TURP) Syndrome and Acute Dilution Hyponatraemia: The Complete Evidence
Ghanem AN1*, Ghanem SA2, Ghanem KA3 and Nisha Pindoria4

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2018.07.555724

Mini-Review Published In: February, 2018
Surgery after Chemoradiation Therapy in Persistent/Recurrent locally advanced cervical cancer. Is Exenteration Always Necessary?
Albert Reyes Claret1* and Ángel Martín Jiménez2

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2018.07.555725


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