Volume 4 Issue 3

Review Article Published In: May, 2017
Laparoscopic Versus Open Colectomies: Enhanced Surgical Skills And Rigorous Patient Selection May Improve Operative Times Without Compromising Outcomes
Konstantinos Stergios1,2*, Vasilios Pergialiotis2, Maximos Frountzas2, Prateek NalwayaM3, Konstantinos Kontzoglou2 and Shrabani Das Mohapatra3

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2017.04.555636

Case Report Published In: May, 2017
Papillary Adenocarcinoma of the Third Part of the Duodenum: A Case Report
Purushottam Kumar*, Manoj Kumar, Nishit Ranjan, Mushir Reaz and Subhash Kumar

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2017.04.555637

Editorial Published In: May, 2017
Perioperative Utilization of Internal Iliac Artery Balloons, Does it really help in Case of Abnormal Placental Invasion?
Georgios Androutsopoulos* and Georgios Decavalas

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2017.04.555638

Review Article Published In: June, 2017
Histopathological Grade versus Estrogen and Progestron Receptor Status in Carcinoma Breast- A Single Center Study
Amit Mittal*, CSBR Prasad, Sreeramulu PN, Srinivasan D, Naveedahmed khan and Ruta Ujjval Joshi

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2017.04.555639

Research Article Published In: June, 2017
Assess the Cervical Re-Position Sense Accuracy among the Normal Individuals
Palaparthi V S Phanindra Akhil and Ayyappan Jayavel*

DOI: 1019080/OAJS.2017.04.555640


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