Volume 9 Issue 5

Research Article Published In: August, 2023
Effect of the use of indole-3-acetic acid on somatic embryogenesis of sunflower (Heliantus annuus) grown in the southern region
Aron Cruz-Vázquez, Talía Hernández-Pérez*, and Octavio Paredes-López

DOI: 10.19080/ARR.2023.09.555771

Research Article Published In: August, 2023
Prevalence of Nomophobia and Addiction to Smartphone among University Students in Tunisia Running Title: Prevalence of Nomophobia among University Students
Elleuch Mouna, Elloumi Yesmine, Ben salah Dhouha, Sellami Rim*, Hadj Kacem Faten and Abid Mohamed

DOI: 10.19080/ARR.2023.09.555772

Mini Review Published In: August, 2023
Rethinking ‘Knowledge in Use’ in Small Businesses: A Perspective
Emmanuel A Ambe*

DOI: 10.19080/ARR.2023.09.555773

Review Article Published In: August, 2023
Improving Cybersecurity Awareness and Basics in Vocational Education and Training
Gabriel Vladut* and Ileana Hamburg

DOI: 10.19080/ARR.2023.09.555774

Review Article Published In: September, 2023
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: A Guide to Diagnostic Approach and Inpatient Management
Sofia Flores, Kevin Acevedo-Gomez, Juan Ramon Ventura, Bivek Khadka, Sandhya Sharma, Dilmareth Natera, Edith Lissette Henriquez Romero, Marcellina Nwosu, María Isabel Murillo Pineda, Alejandra María Aleman Reyes, Felix Ricardo Bonilla Bonilla, Rodrigo Antonio Bonilla Figueroa, Jhon Navarro Gonzalez, Estefany Díaz de Argueta, and Maria Isabel Gomez*

DOI: 10.19080/ARR.2023.09.555775

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