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Recent Archives of Journalism & Mass Communication (RAJMC) stands as a double-blinded peer-reviewed open-access journal at the forefront of knowledge dissemination. RAJMCs unwavering commitment lies in sharing the latest advancements within the realm of Journalism and Mass Communications. In this pursuit, it extends an open invitation to academicians, scientists, researchers, and students, urging them to contribute their expertise and experiences to the collective pool of knowledge. The journal serves as a conduit for disseminating insights and innovations in a diverse range of topics. Among the expansive array of subjects covered, notable themes include Broadcasting, Advertising and Public Relations, Health Communication, Internet-driven phenomena, Marketing Communication, Media dynamics, Media Law intricacies, Political Communication, Public Affairs within communities, the Globalization phenomenon, Civil and Political Rights within digital domains, and the realm of Digital Advertising. Additionally, RAJMC explores the landscape of News Media, delves into the art of Photojournalism and Visual Storytelling, and closely examines the role of Social Media in contemporary communication. With an unwavering dedication to advancing the field, RAJMC aims to spotlight groundbreaking research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge. Within its pages, the journal accommodates a variety of scholarly contributions, including Original Research Papers that present novel findings, Comprehensive Reviews that synthesize existing knowledge, Concise Short Communications that encapsulate important insights, Articles that delve into specific subjects, and Research Reports that provide valuable data and analysis. This diversity of formats ensures that RAJMC appeals to a broad international audience and facilitates multidisciplinary dialogue. RAJMC goes beyond the realm of digital publications by extending the reach of research. In addition to online dissemination, the journal offers various avenues for authors to access their work, including eBooks and print copies. This holistic approach underscores RAJMCs commitment to scholarly engagement and knowledge sharing. In essence, Recent Archives of Journalism & Mass Communication emerges as a vital platform that bridges the gap between research and practice. By inviting experts and scholars to contribute, the journal strengthens the global discourse in Journalism and Mass Communications, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in these critical fields.

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Latest Articles

Research Article June 25, 2024

The Role of Libraries in Promoting Climate Literacy in Nigeria

Usang N Onnoghen, Somkenechi S Unachukwu, Evelyn I Orji, Beatrice O Ewa and Benjamin Anabaraonye

Research Article June 08, 2024

Framing of Environmental Issues in Indian News Channels

SN Srivarnesh, I Arul Aram

Research Article June 06, 2024

The Role of Eco-Musicology in Enhancing Climate Resilience in Nigeria

Usang N Onnoghen, Gideon U Nwafor, Christian C Odoh, Beatrice O Ewa and Benjamin Anabaraonye

Research Article February 23, 2024

Economic Impact of war in Ukraine and in West Asia

Satyendra Nath Chakrabartty


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