Volume 15 Issue 2

Case Report Published In: November, 2019
Sternum Tuberculosis Osteomyelitis in an Adolescent Patient: A Case Report and Review of Children’s Literature
Pinheiro Pedro Carlos*, Correa Marilia Grizende, Rosaman Fernando Colonna, Fazecas Tatiana, Fazecas Tatiana and Aymore Ierecê Lins

DOI: 1019080/OROAJ.2019.15.555906

Clinical Image Published In: November, 2019
Medical Thermography to assess the Degree of Inflammation in Painful Joints and Muscles
Dott Catello Matonti*

DOI: 1019080/OROAJ.2019.15.555907

Research Article Published In: November, 2019
Real Time Ultrasound Elastography in Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Mucopolysaccharidosis
Rosendo Ullot Font, Pilar Rovira Martí, Emilio J Inarejos Clemente, Mar O’Callaghan Gordo, Ramón Huguet Carol and Mercè Pineda Marfa

DOI: 1019080/OROAJ.2019.15.555908

Research Article Published In: November, 2019
Flatfoot Prevalence in Riyadh City Saudi Arabia And Its Association with Obesity, Using Three Footprint Indices; Clark’s Angle, Chippaux-Smirak Index, and Staheli Index
Abdulaziz Almaawi*, Nawaf Alotaibi, Mohammed Alsubaie, Nouf Altwaijri, Khalid Alduraibi, Waleed Awwad and Abdulrahman Algarni

DOI: 1019080/OROAJ.2019.15.555908

Mini Review Published In: November, 2019
Treating Fibromyalgia with a Plant-Based Diet
Stewart Rose and Amanda Strombom*

DOI: 1019080/OROAJ.2019.15.555910


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