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Causes of Visual Impairment in the Bolgatanga Municipality in the Upper East Reg...

Published: April, 2019

Pages: 12

Objective: To profile the causes of visual impairment in the Bolgatanga municipality. Method: A retrospective study was conducted at the Presbyterian Regional Eye Hospital in Bolg...

Refractive Errors and Amblyopia in Scholar’s Population in Togo

Published: February, 2019

Pages: 10

Background: Refractive defects were identified as one immediate priority within the framework of VISION20/20.Uncorrected refractive defects are responsible for academic failure and...

Corneal Micropigmentation

Published: April, 2018

Pages: 8

Corneal micro pigmentation is an alternative surgical treatment to enucleation in blind formed eyes. Micro pigmentation is a form of tattooing in which minute, metabolically inert ...

Corneal Remodeling to Correct Presbyopia: Mechanism of A Shape-Changing Corneal ...

Published: January, 2018

Pages: 6

Presbyopia is the inability to focus on near objects which physiologically manifests around 40 years of age due to reduction in elasticity of the crystalline lens causing a reduc...

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