Volume 6 Issue 2

Opinion Published In: June, 2017
Usefulness of CHA2DS2-Vasc Score for Hyperthyroid Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Marcus VL de Souza* and Sharon J S Faria

DOI: 10.19080/JOCCT.2017.06.555681

Case Report Published In: June, 2017
A 3 Year Old Case of Juvenile Mitral Stenosis- the Youngest Case Reported
Ranjan Modi1*, SV Patted2, Prabhu Halkati2, MD Dixit2 and Veeresh Manvi2

DOI: 10.19080/JOCCT.2017.06.555682

Case Report Published In: June, 2017
Endomyocardial Fibrosis Secondary to Hypereosinophilic Syndrome
Pablo Merás*, Nieves Montoro, Verónica Rial, Javier Irazusta, Ángel Iniesta, Óscar González, Elena Refoyo, Ángel Robles, Mar Moreno and José Luis López-Sendón

DOI: 10.19080/JOCCT.2017.06.555683

Research Article Published In: June, 2017
The Novel Anti-Thrombotic Drug with No-Bleeding Excess
Mark IM Noble1*, Isobel Ford1, Gary Cameron1 and Angela Drake-Holland2

DOI: 10.19080/JOCCT.2017.06.555684

Research Article Published In: July, 2017
A Systematic Analysis of Literary Case Reports of Protein S Deficiency Implicated in Pathogenesis of Arterial Thrombosis
Pratyay Hasan1*, Kazi Tuba-E Mozazfia2, Mohammed Abaye Deen Saleh3 and Dyuti Hasan4

DOI: 10.19080/JOCCT.2017.06.555685


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