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Case Report
Successful Pregnancy and Delivery Following Two Heart Transplantations
Emily M Williams1, Karen L Florio1,3*, Anna Grodzinsky2,4, Tara Banaszek Daming1 and Anthony Magalski2,4
Case Report
Aortoiliac Arteriovenous Fistulae Simulating Deep Vein Thrombosis
Germán J Chaud*, Filippa A Pablo, Wainscheinker Ezequiel, Parisi Andrés, Guillermo Paladini and Alejandro M Martínez Colombres
Case Report
Coronary Artery Disease -Thinking Beyond Atherosclerosis
Kumayl Al-LawatiM1, Sayqa Arif1, Benjamin Rhodes2, Jorge G Mascaro1, John N Townend1 and Adrian Warfield3