Volume 8 Issue 4

Research Article Published In: February, 2018
Sonographic Fetal Estimated Weight Significantly Differs from Neonatal Weight in the Same Population
Gilboa Yinon*, Yael Harel, Keren Ofir, Eran Zilberberg, Sharon Perlman, Reuven Achiron and Eran Kasif

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2018.08.555741

Research Article Published In: February, 2018
Evaluation of Serum Haptoglobin in Fibroid Patients at Elele, Rivers State, Nigeria
Nnatuanya IN1, Obeagu EI2*, Obeagu GU3, Nnatuanya CIC3 and Idem EE1

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2018.08.555742

Research Article Published In: February, 2018
Sexuality during Pregnancy and Postpartum in suburbs of Dakar
Mamour Gueye, Mame Diarra Ndiaye Gueye, Moussa Diallo*, Mamadou Lamine Cisse, Omar Gassama, Mouhamadou Mansour Niang, Abdoul Aziz Diouf and Jean Charles Moreau

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2018.08.555743

Opinion Published In: February, 2018
Francesca Giacomello1 and Giorgio M Baratelli2*

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2018.08.555744

Mini Review Published In: February, 2018
Macrosomia: Obstetric and Perinatal Complications
Kuznetsova O*, Kerchelaeva S, Zarubeeva E, Meshcherin V and Kavalgi O

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2018.08.555745


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