Volume 1 Issue 5

Review Article Published In: October, 2016
Abdominal Pseudocyst among Women in a Developing Community
Wilson IB Onuigbo*

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555571

Review Article Published In: November, 2016
Hepatitis B in Pregnancy: Challenges and Solutions
Dalia Rafat* and Seema Hakim

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555572

Editorial Published In: December, 2016
The Role of Lymphadenectomy in Patients with Endometrial Cancer
Georgios Androutsopoulos1*, Ioannis C Kotsopoulos2 and Georgios Decavalas1

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555573

Review Article Published In: December, 2016
To Study Association of Female Genital Tuberculosis Symptomatology with Endometrial Biopsy Tb Pcr
Indu gautam1, Shantanu vyas2*, Charul vyas3, Suman Mendiratta4, Chand kishan vyas5

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555574

Research Article Published In: December, 2016
Relationship of Severe Maternal Morbidity and Maternal Mortality to Serum Lipids in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Chhabra S*, Tembhare A and Agrawal V

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555575


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