Volume 1 Issue 3

eview Article Published In: July, 2016
Massive Breast Lipoma Operated on by Two Eponymous Giants in 1846
Wilson IB Onuigbo*

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555561

Case Report Published In: August, 2016
Separate Compartments with Black and Albino Hairs Presented in an Ovarian Teratoma in Nigeria: Case Report
Wilson IB Onuigbo*1 and Bertram Igbogbahaka2

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555562

Research Article Published In: August, 2016
Practices for Prevention, Therapy of Primary Dysmenorrhoea
S Chhabra* and S Gokhale

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555563

Editorial Published In: September, 2016
Standard and Novel Therapies in Endometrial Cancer
Georgios Androutsopoulos* and Georgios Decavalas

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555564

Research Article Published In: September, 2016
Knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health among Young People in a Selected Community
SM Monwar Hossain1*, Yeasmin Ara2, Md Ashrafuzzaman1, Md Rashed Miah1, Md Ruhul Amin1,Satya Prio Dhar3

DOI: 1019081/JGWH.2016.01.555565


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