Article in Press

Case report
A Rare Case of Large Intra Oral Lipoma- Diagnosis and Management
KP Manojkumar1, Shermil Sayd1*, Shijo Dany Kurian1 and BR Ashna2
Review Article
Border Molding-Teach Me What I am Blind to (Moffatt)
Mohammad Arif Lone*
Research Article
Patients’ Awareness and Perception towards Dental Implants: A Survey Among Out Patients Visiting Rcsdp.
Ahmed Alsanosi*, Rakan Alshareef, Abdul Rahman Almanac, Faris Alharbi, Saleh Al Anazi, Khaled Alqahtani, Jamal Al Shamary, Mohsen Aldossary, Musab Fahad and Shahzeb H Ansari
Mini Review
The Role of Magnification in Micro Endodontics - A Review
Anil Chandra, Tikku AP, Afsana Ansari and Meena Singh*
Soft Skills or Hard Skills- The Practioners Block
Adihiraj Roy*