Honorable Editors

Aida Ibrahim EL sayed EL makawy

Al-Azhar University
Egypt View Profile

Research Interest:

Aida El Makawy is currently professor of animal genetics. She born at 1959 and earned the BSC degree in science at Al Azhar University in Egypt on 1982. She appointed as Chemical Specialist in cell biology Department, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Division, National Research Centre on 1987 and graduated to professor in animal genetics on 2008. Her field of interests are genetic toxicology, developmental toxicology, cancer biology, and molecular cytogenetic. She supervised many MSc and PhD theses; published near to 40 articles, principle investigator or member for many research projects. Participated in training in many workshops. Member in the International Advisory Board of Jordan Journal of Biological Science. Member in cytology and histology international journal editorial board. Member in some scientific committees includes the Egyptian Society of Genetics, the Egyptian society of genetic sciences, the International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment ? ISFAE, Pan African environmental mutagen society (PAEMS), the Egyptian society for genetic engineering. Got the NRC- Scientific Excellence Awards on 2014 and patent in title of (Synthesis of androgenic compounds more safety than Testosterone) on 2016.

Plamen Kirilov

University Lyon
France View Profile

Research Interest:
Human and veterinary pharmaceutical technology;Formulation and physicochemical characterization of semi-solid;Formulation and physicochemical characterization of semi-solidfor cosmetic purposes.


Eltayeb Suliman Elamin Abbas

Omdurman Islamic University
China View Profile

Research Interest:
Biopharmaceutical modification to enhance drug bioavailability; Herbal formulations; Novel drug delivery systems


Ariel D Arencibia

University Catholic of Maule
Chile View Profile

Research Interest:


Jose Martinez Lanao

University of Salamanca
Spain View Profile

Research Interest:


Alessandro Venditti

Sapienza University of Rome
Italy View Profile

Research Interest:


Associate Editors

Pedro Fonte

Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal

Yucel Baspinar

Ege University, Turkey

Sameh Saad Zaghlool Ahmed Abdel Ghany

Nahda University, Egypt

Mervat Alsous

Yarmouk University, Jordan

Loai Aljerf

Damascus University, Syria

MR Mozafari

Australasian Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative, Australia

Marjorie CL Cavalcanti Freire

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil

Ivanise Brito da Silva

Centro de Ciencias Biologicas, Brazil

Juliana Cristina Castro

State University of Maringa, Brazil

Abdelkrim Rebiai

University of Echahid Hama Lakhder, Algeria

Hegyi Gabriella

University of Pecs, Hungary

Sameh S Zaghlool

Nahda University, Egypt

Aida El Makawy

National Research Centre, Egypt

Zahari Vinarov

Sofia University, Bulgaria

Ong Hwai Chyuan

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Meliha Ekinci

Ege University, Turkey

Michal Benes

Charles University, Prague


Ege University, Turkey

Mohamed Ali Attia Shafie

Assiut University, Egypt

Ahmed Radwan

American University in Cairo, Egypt

Mohamed A Shaker

Helwan University, Egypt

Navid Omidifar

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Sateesh Kumar

MAK College of Pharmacy, India


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