Honorable Editors

Intisar Ahmad Siddiqui

University of Dammam
Saudi Arabia. View Profile

Research Interest:


Silvania da Conceição Furtado

Federal University of Amazonas,Brazil View Profile

Research Interest:
Dental Prosthetics,Oral Surgery

PhD in General Bases of Surgery by the Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu -UNESP in the area of concentration: Efficacy and effectiveness of Treatment Protocols. Graduated in Dentistry from the Federal University of Amazonas (1996). Member of the Brazilian Society of Anatomy. She is currently Professor of Anatomy at the Morphology Department at the Federal University of Amazonas. Specialization in Morphology, improvement in Oral Surgery and updating in anatomical techniques. I guide Scientific Initiation, extension and distance learning projects. I am the leader of the Evidence-Based Research Group and a member of the HUGE - Health Using Great Evidence Research Group (UNESP Evidence-Based Health Unit), Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho and Professor of the Discipline: Evidence-Based Immunology: Systematic review of the Basic and Applied Immunology Program (PPGIBA-UFAM). Co-supervises the Doctoral Project of the research group: Child and Adolescent Health in the Research line: Prognosis Markers for chronic non-communicable diseases in adolescence. I work as a consultant for course completion works at IEEP - Postgraduate courses in the field of dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry, Implantology and Orthodontics).

Associate Editors

Raghavendra M Shetty

Gulf Medical University, UAE

Kallel Ines

University of Monastir, Tunisia

Sushil Kumar

Kurukshetra University, India

Shao Wen Hung

Agricultural Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

Loai AlJerf

Damascus University, Syria

Berna Kuter

Izmir Democracy University,Turkey

Angelo Cardarelli

University of Milan, Italy

Kamila Rosamilia Kantovitz

State Univerty of Campinas, Brasil

Marc M. Gottlieb

Stony Brook University Hospital, USA


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