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Review Article
Multivesssel Umblical Cord: Case Report
Paramanantham P* and Srujana Swarna
Mini Review
Nanoparticles Using as Efficient Bioavailability in Drug Delivery System-Mini Review
Md. Shahed-Al-Mahmud* and Ezajul Hoque Bhuiuan
Review Article
Modern Molecules to Keep Ancient Traditions: Ethical and Social Perspectives
Arencibia Rodríguez AD*, Lazzaro-Salazar M, Correa Schnake M3 and Mundaca EA
Review Article
Minerals in Bacterial Mats from the Transbaikalia Mud-Volcanic Deposits
Tatarinov AV* and Yalovik LI*
Review Article
Diabetes Prevention and Treatments, a Specific Topic for Modern Medicines
Da-Yong Lu*, Jin-Yu Che, Nagendra Sastry Yarla, Hong-Ying Wu, Ting-Ren Lu and Hong Zhu