The Science and Art of Homeopathy


The Art in Homeopathy

Theory of chronic diseases (miasm), vital force and minimum dose are ancillary to the core concept of Similia. Even amongst hard core practitioners and teachers in Homeopathy, there are diverse views on its validity and application. We may leave these for the time being to remain as it is or efforts may be made to validate through experience based evidences.


In fact, the practice of clinical medicine in every medical system is an art as well as science; therefore we could say that the art and science of medicine are complementary. The fact is that all medical systems are scientific on its domain and uses the best artistic approach to understand the diseases and treat the patient.

Study of disease requires the aid of science. To understand diseases, its course and prognosis, complications etc a student of Homeopathy need to know hard physiology, biochemistry and pathology. When he goes to lean applied medicine, he needs to know more about nano pharmacology, bio physics, genetics, gene regulation, molecular genetics etc to understand the pharmacokinetics and pharmaco dynamic of Homeopathy. Innovation in the science of Homeopathy is the need of the hour and also the route to mainstream the system both for the critics as well its ardent followers. This should happen in the all the important components namely in education, research and drug development.