Mini Review
Spiritual Pain: Should Medical Professionals do Spiritual Care? if Yes, How?
*Nandan Maruti Shanbhag1, Montshiwa Charity1, Sneha Nandan Shanbhag2 and Rene Albertyn3
Case Report
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Metastasis in Nasal Fossa: A Case Report and Literature Review
*Chaker ZAIDI, S Kanoun Belajouza and N Bouaouina
Review Article
Cell and Gene Therapies for Alzheimer’s disease: a Review of Literature
*Afrânio Côgo Destefani1, Sousa FC2 and Trabach GS2
Review Article
New knowledge of Philadelphia Negative Classical Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
Nahla Abdel Moneim Hamed*
Research Article
Incidence and Clinical Behaviour of Patients with Second Primary Cancers - Single Institution 17 Years Observation
Geomcy George1*, Raja Paramjit Singh Banipal2, Jaineet Sachdeva3, Pamela Jeyaraj3 and Mahajan MK4