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Review Article
Toward A Paradigm Shift in Cancer Research & Innovation for Patients in France
Christian Long1, Pierre-Antoine Bonnet2, David Pérol3, Mohamed Hebbar4, Philippe Barthélémy5, Elisabeth Luporsi6, Philippe Saiag7, Gilles favre8, JosephCiccolini9, FrédériquePenault-Llorca10, Gilles Salles11, Jean-Yves Blay3, Gilles Freyer11, FrédéricWarnier12, FrédéricFleury13, Emmanuelle Garault14, Cécile Faurie15, and Patrice Denèfle*16
Research Article
The Antioxidant Effect of Echium Amoenum to Prevent Teratogenic Effects of Lamotrigineon the Skeletal System and Fetal Growth in Mice
Mahsa Kamali1 and Habibolah Johari*2
Review Article
Could Clinical Use of Stimulant Medications Increase Risk for Parkinson’s Disease or Other Neurological Sequelae? A Review of the Evidence
Alan A Baumeister*
Mini Review
Clinical Pharmacological Considerations on CAR-T Cells Therapy for Cancer
Zhan Wang*1 and Quan Liu2
Mini Review
Pyshotropic Drugs: Side Effects on Mouth
Emanuela Carla dos Santos1, Eliana Cristina Fosquiera2, Aline Cristina Batista Rodrigues Johann3, Mariana Rinaldi2, Patrícia Vida Cassi Bettega2 and Ana Maria Trindade Gregio4*