Current Issue

Globus Pharyngeus
Sumit Sharma*
Early Fitting For CI Patients
Ayman Kamal*
Review Article
New Surgical Technique That Stabilizes Uvulopalatinal Segment in Patients with Loud Snore
Novak Vukoje1 and Jon Garito2*
Review Article
Cochlear Implant in Children
Farzaneh Zamiri Abdollahi*1, Tayebeh Ahmadi2, Mamak Joulaie3, Akbar Darouie4
Research Article
Role of Allergy, Respiratory Infection, and Passive Smoking in Early Onset Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy
Sami AlHarethy1*, Ibrahim Alarifi2, Hisham Almutawa3 and Tahera Islam4