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Review Article
Newborns Hospitalized Due to Suspected Sepsis, Blood Culture Results and Decisions Made by Pediatricians
Mirta Mesquita*, Viviana Pavlicih, Noemi Zarate, Laura Riveros and Pio Alfieri
Case Report
Elective Gastrostomy Feeding in Children Using a Button
M Fall*, S Camara, IB Welle and G Ngom
Case Report
Exogenous Biotin May Be Leading You Astray: A Novel Cause Of Factitious Neonatal Graves’ Disease
Nora E Renthal MD PhD1, Yachana Kataria PhD2, Rosalind S Brown MD1 and Jessica R Smith MD1
Mini Review
Cariogenic Potential of Human Milk, Bovine Milk and Milk Substitutes in Early Childhood
Gisele Pedroso Moi1,2*, Clea Borges Santos e Silva1, Eliane Silveira Garcia-Leite1, Carla Andreia Veiga Bertaia1, Rossimary Coelho de Freitas Santos1, Patrícia Xavier da Costa-Nobre1,2 and Ageo Mário Cândido Silva2,3
Mini Review
Neonatal Uterine Bleeding: An Underestimated Clinical Sign?
Maria Chiara Lucchetti*