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Research Article
Erosive Drinks Impact on Fluoride Potential Change and Ph Value of Artificial Saliva In Vitro
Dorotea Blašković1*, Marko Blašković1, Željko Verzak2< and Dubravka Negovetić Vranić2
Review Article
Effect of Two Different Bleaching Concentrations on Enamel Color Stability and Surface Roughness: an in Vitro Study
Amr Khaled Mostafa1*, Mohamed Riad Farid2, Maha A ElBaz3 and Rasha Ramadan Basheer4
Case Report
Management of Acute Periapical Lesions at Four Mandibular Incisors a Case Report
Nedim Smajkic*
Research Article
Potassium Iodide. The Solution to Silver Diamine Fluoride Discoloration?
Vinh Nguyen1, Cody Neill1, Joel Felsenfeld DDS2 and Carolyn Primus PhD3*